About us

Since 1992 Freshwinds has been offering care and support, without charge, to adults and children living with life threatening and life-limiting illness as well as individuals from socially excluded backgrounds. We deliver a range of services including the provision of integrated complementary therapy, advocacy, employment advice, debt counselling and community based initiatives on HIV, substance misuse and crime.

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At our heart Freshwinds is a sanctuary of peace and calm. Our home is open to all and offers a safe and caring environment. As such, Freshwinds is essentially a spirit – a passion that binds everyone to work together to ease suffering and encourage healing.


In the last year we have seen over 8,500 people access our services increase and a further 60,000 (est) receiving one off and community level advice. Approximately 50% of the people we work with are from ethnic minority backgrounds and our current telephone contact rate is 8,500 per month.


We currently have over 270 volunteers.


Mission Statement


“To provide a person centred, fully integrated model of care and support, to individuals with life threatening and life limiting illnesses and those experiencing social exclusion, within a caring, safe and secure environment, exploring their circumstances and emotions to find a true resolution to their situation.”


Our guiding principle


“Recognising that with empowerment comes responsibility. Being mindful to Act with integrity; supporting all human beings, irrespective of background and without judgement and honouring all needs equally.”


Values statement


“Providing holistic support, embracing diversity and promoting empowerment and dignity through professional integrity.”