Bridges of Peace


Bismillah Ur Rahman Ur Rahim
Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakathu
We ask for Allah’s blessings on all those who read this for Jesoor Al Salaam which is giving them the knowledge of all our intended good works for all those who are ill, poor and in need. This blessing is without condition, in the true spirit of love and compassion that is Islam, whether those persons are able to give us financial support or not.

Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s way
by night and by day, secretly and publicly
they will have their reward with their Lord.
And no fear will there be concerning them,
nor will they grieve.

(sūrat al-baqarah 2:274)

We ask for Allah’s special and constant blessings of abundance and support to those who find themselves able to help further the aims of Jesoor Al Salaam both in financial support and in their actions. We pray that Allah’s gifts and blessings to them are as plentiful as the life generating refreshing rain that is part of Allah’s natural gifts to the world like the sun and the moon. All who are involved in Jesoor Al Salaam thank you for your generosity and your compassion for those who are ill, poor and in need. You can be sure that your gifts have healed their suffering and brought them peace.

Jesoor Al-Salaam Building

Design of the new Jesoor Al-Salaam building.

Over many years, Mohammed Al-Rahim, Founder, CEO and President of Freshwinds, has gained very extensive experience of the Third Sector and Freshwinds as an organisation has extensive knowledge of rehabilitative and supportive care for people with life-threatening illnesses and those who are socially excluded.
Now that Mohammed has reached the milestone age of 60 and is looking to retire within the next 15 years, he is leading on some new themes of our work as part of his legacy objectives and the achievement of his vision from Allah.
These objectives stand under the banner of “Jesoor Al Salaam” – The Bridges of Peace.

What is Jesoor Al Salaam?

Bringing the Arab Muslim and Muslim communities together to help recognise the true love and compassion of Islam and to demonstrate this through a number of new projects which further demonstrates to people of other faiths the generosity and kindness of Arab and Islamic people.

The main objective of Jesoor Al Salaam is to help the poor and those in need and to demonstrate the love, compassion and generosity that is the spirit of Islam and Muslim people across the world and to change the negative misunderstandings of Islam. Islam is a progressive, modern, generous and compassionate religion and is not as it is sometimes unfortunately portrayed in the media. It is also to clearly enhance the view of the Arab Muslim world as great benefactors of compassion, mercy and generosity as Mohammed Al-Rahim has found in his travels in the Middle East and reflects his love for all of our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters.

The Bridges of Peace will include, amongst others, the following projects:

Transition Housing Project

More information coming soon.

Family Therapy

Over 24 years Freshwinds has learned how to use a profound integrated model to help those who are terminally ill and dying both to live the optimum, pain-free life that they have left and to die in peace and calm when the time calls them to go. We have often helped many patients to extend their life by helping them see how they can control the manifestation of their illness and assist them to self-manage their recurring symptoms. We have also become experts in helping people to rehabilitate after serious and life-threatening episodes of illness.
This is a service that we are already providing and has a high number of Muslim families, however we are not able at present to deal with as wide a range of illnesses as we would want to due to funding constraints. £150,000 – £250,000 per annum would allow us to extend the range of illnesses that this service can cater for. This is also because there are a large number of health problems among many of our Muslim communities somewhat disproportionately to other communities. This includes infant mortality rates which are higher in Muslim communities than in others.

International Learning Internship

More information coming soon.

Young Muslim People’s “Steps to Achievement”

More information coming soon.

Food Bank, Clothing Bank, Advice and Crisis Support

More information coming soon.