Welcome Clare and Tim

We are pleased to welcome 2 new Graphic & Web Design Interns, who will be working with us to meet the increasing demand for our design and print services. We wish them good luck in their new roles and look forward to seeing what new ideas they can bring to the charity.

Clare Bowyer

I’ve recently graduated from Newport University with an Advertising Design degree, which is predominantly graphic design based. I left University the day after the final lecture to start a Junior Designer placement at a Birmingham based advertising agency and after 6 months there I am now a part of the Freshwinds IT team as a Graphic Design Intern hoping to further my knowledge and develop my skills in design.

I especially hope to learn more about web design as this is something I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on before. I enjoy every aspect of design and I scrapbook a lot of print work I find when I’m out and about to keep my creativity flowing constantly.

I am also a massive sport fan and extremely competitive. I play football but I prefer playing rugby which I’ve been playing for the last 4 years and have won 3 awards for.

Tim Blake

My main strengths are within web development and graphic design. I’ve been self employed for the past 4 months working on a website I created called ‘Creative Nerds’ – a great educational resource for Designers and Web Developers. The website generates a fairly good revenue and does not require much management, allowing me the time to fulfil my passion in applying my skills to a web and graphic design role.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for such a prestigious organisation in a role of such diversity where I am able to utilize and apply all my strengths. This 3 month internship will definitely help to nurture my skills, alongside acquiring new skills to add to my arsenal.