What is Jesoor Al Salaam?

The main objective of Jesoor Al Salaam is to help the poor and those in need and to demonstrate the love, compassion and generosity that is the spirit of Islam and Muslim people across the world and to change the negative misunderstandings of Islam. Islam is a progressive, modern, generous and compassionate religion and is not as it is sometimes unfortunately portrayed in the media. It is also to clearly enhance the view of the Arab Muslim world as great benefactors of compassion, mercy and generosity as Mohammed Al-Rahim has found in his travels in the Middle East and reflects his love for all of our Middle Eastern and muslim brothers and sisters.

The first priority project is to build an international centre which will be the first of its kind in the world. The centre will accommodate a family hospice for adults, children and young people open to all but based on Islamic principles. This means that the design of the building is modern Islamic architecture, all food will be Halal and the centre includes a significant prayer room facing Mecca. Some of our therapeutic and psychotherapeutic models will accommodate Islamic cultural sensitivities (as they do now but in the future to a larger extent). This building will also provide therapeutic services to outpatients and will be the operational centre for a “hospice at home” programme. The centre will also be an international conference and training centre for medical and therapeutic programmes.


Further projects will include large-scale specialist housing projects to achieve some important innovations in housing which is a key part in the rehabilitation and stabilising of those individuals facing a number of personal challenges for a variety of circumstances. The aim of the projects is also to increase integration and to create and develop the positive profile of the Muslim community in Birmingham and the wider World.


These programmes are and will be designed to improve training, opportunities and participation for young Muslim people so that they can work in an integrated and mutually appreciative and respectful environment.

Whilst our projects will have their initial impact in Birmingham, we intend to bring their benefits and principles to work in other countries subject to the will and guidance of Allah which we rely on in all these matters.

It is our commitment as part of this change in perception to launch our major projects, when completed, with a visit and official opening by a senior member of the British Royal Family and other Celebrities and VIPs