Gabby’s Gift

We need your support to help all children and families who need us. Please give generously in Gabby’s name.

Gabby was a little girl being treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital who very sadly passed away in 2012. After Gabby’s passing, her mum Lyndsay approached Freshwinds about what she thought would have helped her and her daughter during this difficult time; a programme of therapeutic support. We at Freshwinds know of the miracles that therapies can provide in terms of giving patients and families a moment of relaxation and escape, and together we founded the Gabby’s Gift project in the name of the little girl who inspired the project.


Freshwinds has worked together with both Lyndsay and Birmingham Children’s Hospital to design a programme of therapeutic care and support for both children and their Carers.

With your help we can make Gabby’s Gift have a hugely positive effect on hundreds of patients, families and carers just like Gabby and her mum.

Every single penny pledged will go towards delivering the Gabby’s Gift project.

We are aiming to raise £30,000 for Gabby’s Gift. This will support a fully fledged therapeutic service helping little girls like Gabby and their parents in Ward 8 of Birmingham Children’s Hospital for one year, and support expansion into other wards.

We estimate that through this project we will provide over 500 sessions of therapy to children and family members in this year.
We also want to use some of this funding to establish group therapy sessions for families, and to expand the therapy service into other wards within the hospital.

Gabby’s Gift should be available for all children and families who need us. Please give generously.



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