Charity of the Year

It is no wonder that so many companies take the opportunity to work in partnership with charities. There are plenty of different ways in which your company could help Freshwinds from organising regular fundraising events to supporting our brand. It is our ethos to welcome and support everyone so we believe that you should get out of us what you put in. We understand that partnerships are two way things so let us know what you want back and we will do our best to make sure it happens.

Some of the main benefits of forming a partnership with us include:

  • Supporting Freshwinds in making a real difference to the lives of people with long term or life limiting conditions and those from socially excluded backgrounds.
  • Developing skills within your staff team and providing a wide range of volunteering, fundraising, and team building experiences.
  • Developing links between your brand and ours to support sales and marketing.
  • Supporting the development of internal communication and relationships within your organisation by developing a charitable focus.
  • Positive public relations. Your customers and staff will see that you want to give something back to the community and it will give them a boost.

If your company would like to discuss the potential of developing a partnership with Freshwinds, please contact us.