Working for Freshwinds

Freshwinds is a dynamic holistic charity which offers the opportunity to utilise your skills and experience in a challenging and rewarding environment whilst working for the benefit of people and communities of Birmingham. As a progressive and innovative charity which is constantly growing, Freshwinds can offer a real opportunity to experience working in a range of roles and sectors with support to identify development opportunities and to maximise your potential.

I’m 55 and I’m still learning …I’m learning new skills every day. The only bit of information you’re going to get out of me is that I love my job. Not many people can say that. I walk up here every morning and it’s still beautiful

We combine a professional approach to our work with an open and friendly atmosphere to create an environment in which everyone is supported to develop their skills and to excel in their work.

I always tell people this is one of the best office environments I’ve worked in, everyone seems to get on with each other and really just enjoy doing their work


Freshwinds always strives to redeploy its staff rather than making redundancies where possible. We support our staff to develop a range of skills which enable them to work in a variety of areas. This approach means that we have the ability to retain members of staff who would otherwise have been subject to redundancy by redeploying them into new and challenging roles within the charity.