I have been attending Freshwinds for a year as a client in the Integrated Medicine department.
I was referred to Freshwinds by my doctor after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a medical condition of an unknown cause. My main issue was prolonged tiredness, due to a hectic working life and a lot of stress.
However, since coming to Freshwinds I have been able to deal with my CFS, and exhaustion, by combating the side-effects and consequences of it in a better way. Most importantly I have seen a big improvement in my mental and physical health.
This is due to the excellent service of my Aromatherapist, who treats me with care and professionalism. I look forward to coming to every session, and talking through any pains, points of distress which I particularly want attention to. Every session is therefore tailored to my needs, and this is excellent.
After every session I feel energised, my muscles are more relaxed, this is evident in the good night sleep I have.
I am incredibly happy with the outstanding service I have received, and help Freshwinds has offered me, especially the work of my therapist who has been supportive and fantastic.
~Jo, 2016

It is a total joy to come to Freshwinds for massage and acupuncture. Everyone treats me wonderfully, and are so helpful and friendly.
Coming to Freshwinds has and is making a massive difference. Thank you.