Giving a Gift from Gabby

Freshwinds has today announced Gabby’s Gift, a project working with Birmingham Children’s Hospital to provide therapeutic treatment to their patients, families and their carers.

The project centres around a little girl called Gabby, who was a patient at Birmingham Children’s Hospital who sadly passed away in 2012. After Gabby’s passing, her mum Lyndsay approached Freshwinds about what she thought would have helped her and her daughter during this difficult time; a programme of therapeutic support. Lyndsay said that complementary therapies would have helped to have given her a brief moment of relaxation and reflection in the most saddening time of her life, and have helped to provide Gabby with tactile sensation to help relax her and reduce her stress and anxiety.

Freshwinds has worked together with both Lyndsay and Birmingham Children’s Hospital to design a programme of therapeutic care and support for both children and their Carers. We named this Gabby’s Gift after the little girl who inspired this project.
To make this project a reality, we are looking to obtain £30,000 to cover all costs and expenses, as well as to provide future funding to expand the service into further wards throughout the hospital.

If you are able to pledge your support to the project, we would be extremely grateful – the project is housed and can be found on Crowdfunder.